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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

by secure_admin
Search Engines and What they Do As the librarians of the World Wide Web, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others are responsible to provide users with the best results to their search queries –these are commonly referred to as the most relevant search results. In order to do this job –establishing the relevance of web pages and providing the best search results to users– these search engines have a very specific way of scanning over web pages to collect information on the page’s contents and see how these pages relate to other pages with similar content. The […]

What Is ‘Google My Business’ And How Does It Affect My Company

by secure_admin
America runs on small business, and small businesses in turn rely on local customers to fuel their sales. These days most people start their search online to find a vendor they want to build a relationship with. No other search engine in the world is more trusted than Google. What Is GoogleMyBusiness? It is a new way to help connect your business with the millions of customers who use Google services to navigate the world wide web. GoogleMyBusiness is an effort by Google to consolidate all of their local business services in one product offering. By signing up for the […]